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Palestinians in Gaza are enduring an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, their families in Australia urge the Government to respond with urgency, leadership and compassion and without discrimination.
Palestine Australia Relief and Action Foundation (PARA) welcomes the Victorian Labor State Government targeted funding allocation, which will enable PARA to continue its vital work supporting Palestinians who have fled Israel’s war on Gaza.
At least eight of the 12 Palestinians PARA was supporting have had their temporary visas reinstated and are now recommencing their journey to Australia to be reunited with family. They are overwhelmed with relief, including Rami, a journalist from Gaza, his wife, and three children aged two, six and ten years old.
The Palestinian-Australian community has expressed anger and frustration this week, multiple instances emerge of family members having their visas cancelled en route to Australia. Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA) is deeply concerned and seeking urgent clarification as to why some visa cancellations are occurring, leaving Australian family members devastated as their loved ones are being flown back to Egypt or denied departure all together.
According to non-profit organisation Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recently emailed letters to hundreds of Australian citizens who registered their family members in Gaza for consular assistance.
On 19 December 2023, Australians who applied for visas for their families to come to Australia from Gaza were advised in a mass email from government officials that consular support will not be provided to visa holders to exit Gaza.
For decades, Christmas has not been a straightforward celebration for Palestinian Christians. But this year it is impossible to Celebrate.
Led by Australian Palestinians, Palestine Australia Relief and Action (PARA) mobilised in a fortnight to support these families and ensure a coordinated humanitarian response that centres, strengthens, and empowers Palestinian voices.